Blue Ocean Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) working with individuals and families in the management of their investment accounts. The accounts we specialize in are generally of a long term nature –be they taxable accounts or tax-advantaged accounts like IRAs or SEP IRAs.

The name Blue Ocean reflects our philosophy that successful long term investment results are not achieved by doing as the crowd does. We believe in taking a step back and seeing what opportunities are being ignored by the crowd.  For us, a benchmark is not something to be replicated in order to give the appearance of effort; but rather, we see it as one reference point to help evaluate performance.  We look to work on behalf of those individuals and families who are not content with the level of value offered by the traditional asset allocation/portfolio rebalancing approach espoused by the vast majority of financial advisors.  We believe that while there is a time and place for this approach, it has become all too common among financial advisors due to its ease of application and scalability.  As your portfolio manager, our focus will not be on how to earn our compensation in the easiest and most scalable fashion.  Our focus will be on understanding what you need to accomplish and studying financial markets to see what inefficiencies can be exploited to your advantage.