Portfolio Manager

170310OCKDHERNANDEZ_003What would you look for when searching for a physician? A litigator? A pilot?  Technical competence is clearly important.  Actual successful experience under different environments is clearly important.  But what should seal the deal, what should really set any of these professionals apart from the others, is their commitment to the patient, the client, or the passenger.  We not only want to have an expert represent our interests, we want to know that this expert will fight tooth and nail to eke out any advantage available to us.  It is as simple as that.  That to me is what separates a true professional from the rest.

I am Eduardo Hernandez, President and head Portfolio Manager.  I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Economics. While completing my coursework, I worked tirelessly for one of the leading scholars in the field of international economics.  I successfully managed this workload while nurturing my competitiveness as a member of the National Champion varsity rowing team.  Since graduating from Harvard, I attended Fordham Law School in New York and completed Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Following my college graduation, I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before embarking on an almost 20-year career that provided a breadth and depth of experience that is second to none. I worked as a bond credit analyst, a bond futures trader in Chicago, an options trader, and finally as an advisor with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.  During this time I was exposed to various periods of volatility in the financial markets.  If there was one takeaway that summarizes these years of exposure to the markets, it is the importance of being patient in managing capital.  Specifically, I learned to never chase performance and to never put capital at risk into an opportunity that is not clearly defined.

Finally, the purpose of establishing Blue Ocean Asset Management reflects my belief that there is a better way to take care of a client’s portfolio management needs. The onus is on the asset manager to do right by the client, not for the client to conform to what is convenient for the manager and his or her firm.  Management fees need to be earned by providing value, not by serving coffee in a wood-paneled conference room and reviewing an overly diversified portfolio once a year.

I am passionate about finding investment opportunities for you to stay ‘ahead of the current’ and not only reach, but surpass, your financial goals.